Support Questions

What types of support services are provided after a child is placed in the home?
There are a variety of services and support available to foster & adoptive families

  • Monthly subsidy payment to assist in board, clothing and personal allowance. The reimbursement rate depends upon the child’s age and level of care required.
  • Missouri Healthnet to cover the child’s medical expenses including Mental Health Services.
  • Yearly clothing allowance depending on the child’s age.
  • Day care services at approved centers up to age 13 for working families.
  • Continuing education training and support groups offered at One Heart and in the community.
  • Ongoing spiritual, emotional and physical support of One Heart Family Ministries .

What is respite? How can I do this?
Respite is a wonderful help and we don’t have as many respite providers as we would like. Respite is a term that we use to describe caring for children who live in foster homes but they are in need of a break. You as a respite provider will care for these children on a temporary basis. An example of this would be “Sally is living in a foster home and the foster family may need a break away from Sally-actually Sally may need a break away from the family as well”. The foster family would call you and ask you if you can watch their children for the weekend or if they choose to go on vacation. You would then be their home away from home for a short time. You would not have these children permanently in your home but on an as needed basis. You are paid for this and you also develop quite a special bond with the children and families you will serve. You will be a positive role model who will be able to offer guidance and support for the children.

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