20/20 Virtual Campaign

October 1, 2020

"But blessed are your eyes for they see"

Matthew: 13:16A

Virtual Fundraiser: SEE the vision

  • To strengthen and grow the Board by:
    • Recruiting additional board members to fill gaps in expertise
    • Ensuring an engaged and working board who is able to support staff
    • Utilizing current board members in ways that can further the effectiveness in serving One Heart families
  • To share an even more compelling story about who One Heart is to the Christian community by:
    • Using social media to create greater brand awareness and broaden reach
    • Employing a comprehensive marketing plan for better integration of all communication efforts
  • To remove barriers that prevent some families from accessing or using support services by:
    • Performing an audit of support services and provide recommendations to better serve families
    • Exploring services and training that can be implemented in-house to help children and families achieve lifelong success
  • To assist in meeting the mental health needs of kids and families impacted by trauma by:
    • Launching counseling scholarship to supplement the cost of counseling
    • Providing a leadership role in helping families access therapeutic services
"See what WE see"


ANY DONATION >= $500 will receive a plush blanket with One Heart logo

PLEASE consider a monthly donation, this tremendously helps with ongoing expenses.

Many ways to donate:

  • Credit Card - Click DONATE NOW button
  • EFT - Call office with bank routing & account information OR mail voided check to office with donation details
  • Check - Payable to: One Heart Family Ministries mail to: 13250 S. Outer 40 Rd. Town & Country, MO 63017 314-250-6983 (Please note our NEW address & phone)

All donations >= $500 will receive a blanket

"One Heart cares for children in the MO foster care system by equipping and supporting Christian families impacted by foster care and adoption."

One Heart Mission