Christmas Blessings 2019

One Heart cares for foster and adoptive families each Christmas through our Christmas Blessings program. By mid-October, One Heart families register their children for this program. Each child in the home, receives a new pair of Pj's and either an individual gift valued around $25 or a family gift of time, such as a Zoo membership, valued around $125.

We anticipate blessing over 325 children this Christmas! How can you help bless a child affected by foster care this Christmas?

  • You can make a financial donation to the Christmas Blessings program.
  • You can request the name(s) of a child(ren) and their individual gift request, to purchase for them. (as of 11/4/19, all children have been matched with donors for indiviudal gifts)
  • You can offer to bless a family with a membership to a local attraction or gift card to a family activity such a bowling, movie or jump park. If you would like to purchase these gifts of time, we can give you family information.

All individual gifts have been matched, still in need of donations for memberships and family gift cards. Please use link below.

If you are purchasing a gift, the gift will need to be brought back to One Heart by Friday, December 6, 2019. Our One Heart families make so many sacrifices to care for kids in need. We want to do our best to bless them and support them this Christmas season!

MAKE A FINANCIAL DONATION for Christmas Blessings